Events Diary

Events Diary.



Sunday 1st             Messy Church  3.30pm

Monday 2nd          Brownies visit to Wyggeston’s 5.45pm

                              Christmas Good Turn

Tuesday 3rd          Guides 6.30pm Christmas Crafts

Wednesday 4th     Leicester Stroke Club 10.00am

Wednesday 5th     Wednesday Project 7.00pm Christmas Film: 'White Christmas'

Friday 6th             Rainbows 5.30pm

                             Chantry Choir 7.30pm

Saturday 7th         Chantry Choir Concert 7.30pm

Monday 9th          Brownies 6.00pm Christmas Evening of entertainment for friends and families

Tuesday10th         Guides 6.30pm Film Night

Wednesday 11th  ‘Carols and Mince pies’ 7.00pm

Thursday 12th       General Election 7am - 10pm

                              Rowley Fields Community Association Christmas Sing 6.30pm

Friday 13th           Rainbows 5.30pm

Monday 16th        Brownies Christmas Party 6.00pm

Sunday 22nd        Carols by Candlelight 4.00pm

Monday 23rd       Carol Singers out and about 7.00pm

Tuesday 24th       Communion Service for Christmas Eve 11.30pm

January 2020

Thursday 2nd        Pantomime at the Little Theatre to see Robin Hood 7.00pm

                              Chantry Choir 7.30pm

Tuesday 7th          Guides 6.30pm New Year Meeting

Wednesday 8th     Leicester Stroke Club 10.00am

                             Wednesday Project 7.00pm

Friday 10th           Rainbows 5.30pm

                             Chantry Choir 7.30pm

Sunday 12th         Messy Church 3.30pm

Monday 13th       Brownies 6.00pm New term begins

                             Elders Meeting 7.30pm

Tuesday 14th       Guides 6.30pm planning Night

Wednesday 15th  Leicester Stroke Club 10.00am

                            Wednesday Project 7.00pm

Friday 17th          Rainbows 5.30pm

                            Chantry Choir 7.30pm

Monday 20th       Brownies 6.00pm Badge choices

Tuesday 21st       Guides 6.30pm

Wednesday 22nd  Leicester Stroke Club 10.00am

                             Wednesday Project 7.00pm Film: The Elephant Man.

Friday 24th           Rainbows 5.30pm

                             Chantry Choir 7.30pm

Monday 27th        Brownies 6.00pm Badgework

Tuesday 28th        Guides 6.30pm Plans for Sleepover

Wednesday 29th   Leicester Stroke Club 10.00am

Thursday 30th      A New Year Tea Party  4.00pm

Friday 31st           Rainbows 5.30pm

                             Guides Sleepover at County Office

                             Chantry Choir 7.30pm